Sy_Drones [Project Anywhere]

Live and recorded outputs documenting our program of research outputs for the study The Grid are now being regularly broadcast on ‘Itinerant Mind’ our long-standing monthly experimental radio broadcast on Wave Farm 90.7 FM New York.

In addition, our original proposal identified how the outputs will be published through blogs and social media. In the past we have made extensive use of platforms such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp as well as the usual ubiquitous twitter and facebook feeds.

We’ve established a dedicated Soundcloud feed for Project Anywhere content. The first post is largely material generated in Sydney. There are stems from a recent malfunctioning telematic improvisation (does anyone love the new Microsoft version of Skype?). Several of these pieces were played in our recent March Wave Farm broadcast “Refuser”. Sy_drones is characteristic of the content that I will be producing at the Sydney ‘node’ of The Grid.

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